Hormonal changes in adults, resulting primarily from fast-paced and stressful life, are the root cause of acne. It is not necessary that you will be free from the conspicuous pain of acne, once you reach adulthood. During adolescence, we undergo considerable hormonal changes and the result is acne, which visibly appears on our face. In adulthood, it is caused by a stressful life, which in turn results in hormonal disturbances.

Causes of Acne Problem

Your eating habits, sleeping habits and also the way we live your life affect your health. Though stress is a primary cause of acne in adulthood, the above factors, i.e., eating habits and lifestyles also contribute to the problem. Today, with advancements in medical science, there are different acne medications available at all drug stores. Unless you maintain a healthy lifestyle, irrespective of the kind of work you do, the problem of acne is bound to continue. It is thus not surprising that mostly adult women of 25 – 58 age groups suffer from acne problems. Women are the worst affected in these changes, because of their biological changes and also hormonal fluctuations.

Acne Medication

Acne medication not only involves application of acne products and ointments. Medical experts suggest natural remedies to overcome the problem. These remedies are rules of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You should always careful about your eating habits.

Having a balanced and proper diet with adequate amount of proteins and carbohydrates is one of the good remedies for acne. The amount of sugar intake should be bare minimum, as it causes sudden hormonal changes. Fruits and vegetables are a must for healthy skin. Moreover, try to walk as much as possible and practice a cardiovascular exercise, which relaxes the body. Meditation exercises, yoga or tai-chi are all stress busters and make a dramatic impact on your health, which in turn reflects on your face.

Anti-Aging Skin Creams

If you see that nothing is working on you then natural acne solution can prove to be an effective alternative. This basically involves years of serious medications and consultations by dermatologists. Continuous application of Tetracycline, Retin-A and Erythromycin can help you regain the healthy skin with very little follow up treatment.

People suffering from very mild acne problems can follow up routine chart of maintaining a proper diet and exercise habits. People with severe acne problems require continuous acne medications, and medicines are usually given once a physician carefully studies your skin type and the seriousness of the problem.Acne medication is not an easy process. There are circumstances when skin conditions actually worsen in the initial stage.

It generally takes six to eight weeks for the problem to be cured. Some acne medication products have side effects like burning sensation, itching, and soreness and so on. If the problem persists for long, there is a need to change the medication. Moreover, certain medications can be risky for pregnant women and children, and thus need to be reported to the physician in advance to prevent any repercussions in the future.